by Medicine Man

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released August 10, 2012

Medicine Man is:
Tyson Luneau - Guitars, vocals
John Bourque - Drums
David Vickery - Bass
Kane Gelaznik - Guitars, backing vocals

Recording/mixing/mastering by Tyler Bradley at Triumph Studios in Chelmsford, Massachusetts in August 2012. Cover photo/layout by Tyson Luneau.

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Medicine Man Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Not cute

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Track Name: Remembrance
You called me on the phone last night, your voice was stumbling. You called again next morning, said you hadn’t heard from me in days. I still remember broken glass and your hands trembling as I watched you fall apart, until they took me away. It haunts me to this day. This burden also lands on me. Locked out of the house while you were on the floor passed out. What brings me the most pain is knowing some things never change. For fifteen years I watched you go down a broken path. Everything comes full circle, dreams all turned to ash. But the things that bring us down don’t have to run our lives aground.
Track Name: Raison d'Être
Rainclouds overhead, patience wearing thin. I haven’t seen the sun in days. Everything stands still, souls just lose their will. I’m falling out of love with love. These dreams don’t end so well most days. I’m stuck in this rut, it’s getting hard to stand on my own two feet. I’m losing patience with myself. This life isn’t working with these dead end streets weighing me down. Shades of grey are all I see, it’s getting harder to find a reason to be. Shades of grey are all I know in a dead-end life devoid of hope. I blame myself for insecurities I know so well. I blame myself for lettings things all go to hell.
Track Name: Remain
Searching for some kind of hope as these walls are slowly closing in. Didn’t expect you to put your life on hold while I’m sitting in my room all alone. I did this to myself. I longed to hear the sound of your voice, but three years left me hanging by a thread. And when I hear of your life’s joy, it drives me deeper into this dark hole. I’m giving up on this. I’m drowning in white walls. I’m choking on grey skies.
Track Name: Wanderlust
I can’t just give up, it’s been so long since I’ve felt your touch. It kills me to know that you’re still there, haunting me with each breath you take. But I can’t do this anymore, these broken hands are doing me no good. It feels like I’m going nowhere. I drove past your house and my mind weighs me down like a stone. You came into my brain and left it ablaze like an empty home. I just can’t trust myself or depend on anyone else. Forever out of sync. I feel right at home with never feeling at home.